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Tigers Plastics, Inc. - Frequently asked questions

What are molds and what are they used for? - Molds are "forms" used to produce injection-molded plastic parts. The type of mold and runner system selected depends on the design and complexity of the part to be produced.

What makes our molds better? -We build plastic injection molds specific to our industries. Therefore, we pay particular attention to durability, ease and speed of production. In addition, we have a reputation for ON TIME Delivery.

What color are the plastic box? - Basically plastic boxes can range from crystal clear, with no cloudiness to almost any color.

Can my logo be printed on your boxes? - Yes, absolutely.

What can be printed? - There are some stock logo's, however, we work with customers to create custom artwork.

Can you color match the logo? - We will attempt to color match each logo as requested.

Can the pad print size vary? - The first step is to get the design. Then we work out the details.

What is the minimum order for imprinting? - The minimum varies. Keep in mind that the set up charges will be the similar no matter how many imprinting you order. So, the cost per unit is much higher with smaller orders.