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Plaster and other waste materials create many problems in dental clinics. Tiger’s Plastics & Packaging introduces a disposable plaster trap to stop all the waste and prevent blockage problems. The advantages of these disposable traps are:

•  Once full, these traps can be disposed and replaced with a new one easily.

•  The traps can capture all plaster and waste material, thereby preventing any spills or         leakages due to blockage.

•  Being disposable, it saves on the messy clean up afterwards.

We offer three different sets of disposable plaster traps, in which all include a Disposable bucket, a lid and all other components. We carry Refill Plaster Traps, Complete Plaster Traps and Economic 3 in 1 Plaster Traps.

The two flexible hoses included in the complete set, can conveniently connect the trap to the sink as well as the sewer tail pipes. The Economic Refill Disposable Trap comes with three disposable buckets and 3 lids which are made of high quality plastic. This set helps save on shipping cost and storage space. We also offer single refill plaster traps, with two attached fitting to seal the openings.