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We have a wide variety of thermoforming materials available in all shapes, colors and sizes. We carry Splint Material, Retainer Material, Soft Eva Material, Coping Material, Base Plate Material, Custom Tray Material, Mouthguard Laminates, Dual Laminates and Nightguard Laminates.

The splint materials are transparent and come in six different sizes. These splint materials can be purchased in whatever shape you need, square or round and can be used in retainer trays, surgical trays and other valuable appliances.

With us we have the best custom made Mouthguard Laminates, which are made of two layers of Soft Eva laminated together. These Mouthguard Laminates come in various solid colors as well as assorted colors of two or three shades. Available in a pack of 12, they have a good tensile strength to withstand any pressure.

Thermoforming is a process of melting the plastic sheet and then molding it to the desired shape and size. Our thermoforming machine comes with the ability to mold any thermoforming material. With a smaller and compact size, the whole machine can fit on any small lab surface.